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IDA logoLee County Industrial Development Authority 

This seven-member board appointed by the Lee County Commissioners is tasked with fostering industrial and business development, and encouraging both change to local and relocating companies to explore the use of Industrial Development Revenue Bonds (IDRBs) to finance their projects. The IDRBs provide a source of long-term, below-market-rate financing for new and expanding manufacturing facilities. Click here for more information on IDA Bond guidelines. The geographic boundaries of the IDA encompasses all of Lee County, Florida.

The Lee County Industrial Development Authority (IDA) serves as the initial entry point into the Industrial Development Bond application process. It is operated under Chapter 189, Florida Statutes—Uniform District Accountability Act. The Lee County IDA follows the highest ethical standards as detailed by the Florida Commission of Ethics. Click here for more information.

The board was established on June 25, 1975, under Part III of Chapter 159 of the Florida Statutes, and each Industrial Development Authority board member is appointed to a four-year term. The authorities fiscal year is October 1 through September 30. Click here to view creation documents 

Lee County Gold Key Grant Program

The Lee County Economic Development Office, along with the Lee County Industrial Development Authority will now offer financial assistance to small businesses leveraging the US Commercial Services Gold Key Matching service. To learn more about the comprehensive  Gold Key program, you can visit the US Commercial Services site here.  To review and submit an application for the Lee County Grant, you can access our application addendum here..

Annual Financial Report

You can view the special district’s Annual Financial Report by clicking here. 

Visit Department of Financial Services website 

Agenda2019 Meeting Schedule

Meeting Date Type of Meeting Agenda Meeting Packet Approved Minutes
01/25/2019 Regular Jan 26 2018 agenda  Jan 26 2018 agenda  Jan 26 2018 agenda
02/22/2019 Cancelled   Jan 26 2018 agenda
03/22/2019 Cancelled   Jan 26 2018 agenda
04/26/2019 Regular  Jan 26 2018 agenda  Jan 26 2018 agenda  Jan 26 2018 agenda
05/24/2019 Regular Jan 26 2018 agenda  Jan 26 2018 agenda  Jan 26 2018 agenda
06/7/2019 *Special*  Jan 26 2018 agenda Jan 26 2018 agenda
06/28/2019 Regular  Jan 26 2018 agenda  Jan 26 2018 agenda
07/2019 NO MEETING
08/23/2019 Cancelled  Jan 26 2018 agenda
09/27/2019 Annual
10/25/2019 Regular
11/15/2019 Regular
12/13/2019 Regular

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2018 Meetings

Meeting Date Type of Meeting Agenda Meeting Packet Approved Minutes
01/26/2018 Regular Jan 26 2018 agenda  Jan 26 2018 Meeting Packet  Jan 26 2018 Minutes
02/23/2018 Canceled 
03/23/2018 Canceled 
04/27/2018 Canceled 
05/25/2018 Regular  May 25 2018 agenda  May 25 2018 Meeting Packet  May 25 2018 Minutes
06/22/2018 Regular  June 22 2018 agenda  June 22 2018 Meeting Packet  June 22 2018 Meeting Packet
07/27/2018 Canceled 
08/24/2018 Regular  August Agenda  August Packet  June 22 2018 agenda
09/28/2018 Annual  September Agenda  September Packet  Jan 26 2018 agenda
10/26/2018 Canceled  
11/16/2018 Canceled  
12/14/2018 Canceled 

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